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 Network defence

Network protection protects your devices behind a firewall and analysis who’s the Wi-Fi working

Public protection

avoid spreading harmful content, Steer clear of unsafe, block risky websites and Keep your social network safe.

Family protection

Parental controls defend what your children do and see them online. It also help them to explore the web safely.

Secure Work

Encrypt and lock files, Strip sensitive documents, securely store your login details and keep your work safely.

Secure Your Success

Digital McAfee Activate threats of today are a lot more sophisticated and complex than ever before. At the same time, advancements of computing are opening up various new possibilities for connecting, sharing, exploring, and building a better world. We require solutions for McAfee Activate that mitigate risks of today and anticipate solutions of tomorrow that not only defend against infection attacks but also completely enable us to explore the digital world without any particular fear. If you need further information about activating the McAfee product, then you can visit

The power of two:-

Intel is creating those particular solutions, bringing together the expertise and experience of McAfee? With the innovation and proven great performance of Intel. Products of McAfee have earned quite a position in eight of the Quadrants of Gartner Magic. CRN ranks McAfee Antivirus in its rank of top 25 Best Companies to Partner with. And we are absolutely committed to continuing driving growth in the global market of

We are building a secure, safe digital world with products that seamlessly integrate McAfee Antivirus to protect each and every layer of computing, from the chip to the cloud server. Join us today and start securing your success now.

Grab the McAfee Antivirus Connected advantage:-

The days of being able to completely protect a business with a point product or single McAfee Antivirus approach are basically over. the threat landscape of today requires a connected McAfee platform of Activate that not only finds several threats but also fixes and freezes them. Our wide range of technologies spans the space of and is further extended through partnerships of development with industry leaders, creating various solutions which help you deliver superior protection to our mutual clients. Our Connected platform unifies thousands of offerings, making it quite easy for you to assess and integrate multiple services and products, and tailor solutions for the unique risks of the customer, infrastructure, and a lot of business objectives.

Keep your customers secure and your business growing:- is a rapidly growing and changing market. As an Intel partner of, you will have the inside track on trending issues of McAfee Activate, technologies, and various products, so you can stay very competitive and offer your clients much-valued insight, with the best solutions to meet their needs of We provide a flexible framework that is based on customer purchasing preferences and partner several business models to help you build a profitable, differentiated practice of

The Intel ecosystem of McAfee Activate partner:-

The Intel partner ecosystem is quite essential to how we handle business. In addition to our providers of the solution (called reseller partners), it generally includes developer partners who basically integrate or embed our technologies, or deliver technologies that are complementary, expanding Intel solutions to help partners close a lot more deals and be more profitable. Partners of technology can engage through the Global Alliance, Innovation Alliance, or OEM Alliance.

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